Good evening, everyone,

I hope you’re all doing great.

Today, when I was sitting at my computer, creating my daily social media post for you all, I was thinking about my childhood and teenage years.

When I was a kid, I was always told to not get my hopes up about the possibility of something working out how I was hoping it would. I was told to not get excited about the possibility of something great happening because, I was always told, ‘It might not happen’.

I truly think the intentions behind what I was told, were to try to protect me, and to lessen any possible disappointment in the event of a let-down, instead of a celebration.

So, I grew up, not allowing myself to get my hopes up, not allowing myself to get excited about things that I hoped might work out, or could possibly come true for me. I didn’t allow myself to feel excited that something could be a yes instead of a no, just in case it was a no, and just in case it didn’t work out. Just in case. Just in case. Don’t get your hopes up.

The thing is, whether we allow ourselves to be excited in anticipation – or not, doesn’t change the outcome, nor does it minimize any potential disappointment in the end, anyway.

Sometimes, whatever will be – will be, no matter what our attitude is towards it in the interval of not knowing. Being excited about a possibility, being numb to it, or even being negative about it and thinking the worst, often doesn’t change the outcome, but it does affect our mood and our overall happiness in the present moments and in the journey towards the outcome.

I think what happens when we allow ourselves to not get our hopes up and not get excited, is that we are stealing our own joy, dreams, and imagination. We are conditioning ourselves to think the worst, always prepare for the worst outcome, and always think that it won’t work out just in case we might be disappointed in the end.

And that’s the thing,

What if it does work out?

What it if happens how you are hoping it will?

What if it is a yes?

What if turns out better than you ever expected it could, or better than you ever imagined?

What if?

What if you allow yourself to get excited?

What if you allow yourself to get your hopes up?

What I think would happen if you adopted this hopeful attitude is:

  • I bet you would feel better and happier in between the interval of not knowing the outcome.
  • I bet you would smile more, I bet you would have more passion.
  • I bet you would daydream more.
  •  I bet you would let your imagination have free rein.
  • I bet your imagination would be filled with more positives and possibilities.

Wouldn’t it be better to feel this way, while waiting for your outcome or answer?

Then, when your outcome works out positive, not only will you be ecstatic to celebrate the outcome, but you will also have experienced joy in the journey, and joy in the wait.

If your outcome ends up not being what you were hoping for, is not what you expected, or the answer is no, then allow yourself to feel your disappointment, feel your sadness, and feel your feelings fully. These feelings are real and valid.

My point is, on the journey towards your outcome, it is nicer to feel joy and optimism – it is healthier, more rewarding, and holistically better for you when you choose to allow yourself to get excited, get your hopes up, and think the best.

What will you choose?

Have a great day or night wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it. I welcome your feedback.

Wishing you an abundance of all things good, and many positive outcomes.

Kindest regards,

Confidently Introverted®

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