Hello beautiful woman,

After many months of working hard behind the scenes, we are so excited to announce the arrival of our newly published – Love Yourself, You Are Beautiful: Gratitude Journal.

Why express gratitude? How can a gratitude practice change your life?

A daily gratitude practice can help to keep our minds in balance by reminding us to notice and appreciate all of the good things that are occurring in our lives.

Regularly expressing gratitude trains our minds to see the positive side of life, and to focus on the good things that are occurring for us that we may have otherwise overlooked. A gratitude practice can help you to develop a new and positive perspective about your life, which in turn can increase your happiness, motivation, resolve, and change your life for the better.

How to use this Journal.

After taking a few minutes at night to self-reflect on your day, write down one to three of the most memorable, and positive moments that you experienced.

What makes our journal unique?

Our journal is designed to give you space to succinctly and concisely write down, one to three of the most meaningful moments that you felt grateful for during your day.

To help to keep your mindset positive, boost your self-confidence, and keep you focused on self-love, our journal contains inspiring, empowering, and motivating statements throughout the pages – and helps you to remember that you are perfect, beautiful, and enough, exactly as you are!

The inspiring affirmations and positive statements remind you to believe in yourself, love yourself, and live your best life. Unique heart graphics adorn the pages. Our journal is perfect for busy women that would like to participate in a regular gratitude practice but feel they may not have the time to participate each day – but because our journal is created to be concise, and to record one to three memorable moments each day, it can be completed in minutes. It makes a beautiful gift for a friend, mother, sister, aunty or teenage daughter!

This gratitude journal is a 6-month gratitude journal and is not predated so you can start it at any time. In years to come, it will become a treasured keepsake.

Experience first-hand just how powerful, transformative, and life-changing practicing gratitude can be!

Our beautiful gratitude journal is available to purchase worldwide through Amazon so you know that you are buying through a trusted and reputable site.

Start your gratitude practice – buy a copy today!


Thanks for reading my blog! Keep on loving and valuing yourself, Love Confidently Introverted® xx

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