Hello Everyone!!

From today I’ll be doing a regular Tarot Tuesday on my Facebook page. (EDIT – Tarot Tuesday will now be run on my Tarot Readings with AlisonLouise Facebook Page Tarot Readings With AlisonLouise | Facebook) No-one is obliged to participate if they don’t want to, just keep on scrolling in your news feed if it’s not your thing. For those that wish to participate and receive an individual card with an intuitive message, all you need to do is pop your name in the comment section of the post, and I’ll intuitively draw you a card from one of my Tarot/Oracle decks, take a photo of it and post it under your comment. It’s free, absolutely free, and I’m not trying to sell you anything!!! The only stipulation I have is that you must be supporting me by following my page.

Here’s a little bit more information about intuitive card messages.

The cards I draw for you are not predictive, they usually provide you with some intuitive guidance around what you might need to know in the current moment. They are normally a positive message to encourage you, motivate you, or ask you to reflect on your current circumstances or feelings. The card message often gives you a little bit more insight, or confirmation about what you already know or you may need a reminder about. Sometimes it’s a bit of a push to act on what you know you should be doing, or changing. *But please always remember to use your own self discretion with any intuitive message you receive, and never use the message in place of advice from a qualified professional. If it doesn’t resonate at all, don’t try to make it fit.

Why I love and use Oracle/Tarot cards?

Oracle/Tarot cards have been a big part of my life since around 2011 when I started exploring the metaphysical world. I’ve attended many classes, workshops and groups over the years, exploring and learning more about cards, energy healing and developing my intuition. In some of my darkest days, my cards were a friend to me, I relied on them to keep me positive with positive messages. They provided me with insight, clarification and guidance that would help to give me hope, inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward.

What I think about intuition?

I have learnt to trust my intuition, and my intuition has also been my friend, sometimes warning me about situations where I have needed to be on guard at times. My intuition sometimes gives me good a feeling about certain things, and a good feeling that a choice or something is going to be good or work out for me. Everyone has some degree of intuition. Have you ever made choices or decisions in the past and then something happens differently and you say to yourself, I knew it, I knew I should have done A, instead of B, I knew it. That’s usually your intuition, and when we go against it, we look back and say I knew it!! But I also suggest that if you have high anxiety it is hard to listen to your intuition, and work out what is intuition and what is anxiety. And I also always recommend that you use logical thinking when making decisions and choices.

“Intuition is seeing with the soul”

~ Dean Koontz

What is my favourite Oracle Deck?

I have around 46 Oracle/Tarot card decks, and they all serve different purposes. My current favourite deck would have to be Angel Wisdom by Radleigh Valentine.

For those of you who are not familiar with Oracle/Tarot cards I hope you have enjoyed reading about them, and learning about how I use them.

Thanks for all your likes, comments, shares, and follows, I appreciate your support.

Edited 31/07/2021


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